IOS Users Will Soon Get To Use Twitter’s Exclusive Voice Tweets

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iOS users are releasing their samples of voice twitter. Android and Web Twitter users will get to experience the feature by next year. Read ahead for more details. 

Twitter voice tweet feature has been made available for more iOS users, to everyone’s delight. This voice tweets feature lets the users record a small audio clip that can be attached to their regular tweets. 

When Twitter’s voice tweets were first launched on 17th June, one of the consistent criticism it received was that people could not understand some users’ audio clips. It looks like Twitter has taken note because now, voice tweets will include transcriptions of what the audio clip says. It has improved the accessibility issue that many users complained about. 

More iOS Users Get Access To Improved Version Of Twitter Voice Tweets

We have embedded a voice tweet from Tom Warren, who released his experience with voice tweets. Simply tap in the play button to listen to his voice tweet. Currently, transcriptions and captions are not available on Twitter. However, as mentioned by the company, they will soon be. 

Note that Tom Warren is not really sharing any exclusive news about next-generation consoles. 

After the first launch of the feature, several users complained about the accessibility problem with the voice tweets. In response to that, Twitter revealed that it does not have an adequate team that deals with accessibility. 

After they received the first bunch of criticism, Twitter requested its employees to work extra hours to resolve the issue. Soon after, the company stated that they were looking to create a dedicated team that focuses on the accessibility aspect of voice tweets. 

Twitter Announced Two Newly Created Teams To Focus Ok Accessibility 

On the 2nd of September, Twitter announced that it has, keeping in view the first batch of feedback, created two new teams that will monitor and help make voice tweets more accessible. Furthermore, the team has been integrated into Twitter’s business strategy. 

Following the news, the company also revealed that the team is working on introducing automated captions for all of Twitter’s video and audio clips by the beginning of next year. 

While the twitter voice tweets feature has been rolled out to extended iOS users, transcripts and voice captions are still not available on the social media app. When reached for comments, the company did not respond. 

If you are an android user or access twitter through the web, you will have to wait a little longer to use the voice tweets feature. As per reports, you might have to wait till 2021. 

Sources also say that Twitter is exploring voice DMs as well.