Is Bitcoin Better Than Ethereum for Online Casinos?

Online Casinos
Online Casinos

For several years now, cryptocurrencies have been upstaging fiat currencies in the realm of online casinos. From enhanced privacy credentials and watertight security to faster transaction speeds and reduced overheads, there are any number of reasons why it makes more sense to deposit your funds and withdraw your earnings in cryptocurrency today.

As the original cryptocurrency, it’s only logical that the first Bitcoin casino arrived well in advance of any other pretenders to its throne. And while Bitcoin is still the biggest cryptocurrency out there, Ethereum has proven itself a worthy runner up in the crypto stakes. So is it better to use Bitcoin than Ethereum when visiting an online casino? We think so – and here’s why.


Because it was around before any other crypto option, Bitcoin has a level of popularity and prestige that others can only dream of. After all, it was even endorsed as the official currency of an entire nation in 2021! That means that Bitcoin is becoming more and more ubiquitous by the day, especially among the online gaming sector.

Not only are huge corporations such as Microsoft, BMW and AT&T accepting Bitcoin as valid payment, but so too are crypto casinos all over the globe. Basically, if a site is amenable to allowing its clients to pay in crypto, it will certainly accept Bitcoin. The same is not always true of Ethereum. Therefore, using Bitcoin enhances accessibility for people all over the world.


That aforementioned popularity not only means that more people can access an online casino using Bitcoin, but it also means that the customer base has access to a wider catalogue of gaming titles. Casinos which use Bitcoin generally have deals signed with all of the major gaming developers, including NetEnt, Yggdrasil and others.

This means that when you choose to deposit in Bitcoin instead of Ethereum (or any other cryptocurrency, for that matter), you’re instantly gaining access to the widest possible selection of games. That’s great for the consumer, since they’re more likely to find a game that suits their particular preferences and appetites.


Of course, it might be a bit counterintuitive to mention stability in the same sentence as any cryptocurrency, since they are, by their very nature, susceptible to market fluctuations and volatile in value. However, Bitcoin’s strong reputation and impressive longevity means it’s a better bet (excuse the pun) to maintain its core worth than other crypto assets.

What’s more, there are currently some exciting innovations in the pipeline (such as the Lightning Network) which will enhance Bitcoin’s affordability and efficiency. At present, those are the two rods most frequently used by proponents of Ethereum to beat Bitcoin, but when the Lightning Network is rolled out fully, transactions will be added to the Bitcoin blockchain ledger in a manner that means it beats Ethereum hands down. That, added to its already enviable stability, will make it the number one crypto choice when visiting an online casino.

It’s plain to everyone that cryptocurrencies are preferable to fiat currencies when gambling online – but the aforementioned points should help you see how Bitcoin remains top dog despite the best efforts of the Ethereum network.