James Van Der Beek Said That Mary-Margaret Humes Send Him Cookies

James Van Der Beek

James Van Der Beek thinks he has the best TV mom in this planet and with the info he provides readers, he probably is not wrong. James Van Der Beek worked with Mary-Margaret Humes in Dawson’s Creek, where Mary player his mother. Apparently she still sends cookies to Van Der Beek in his birthday every year.

Well, apparently some TV families do last forever. This Friday, James Van Der Beek has revealed how his on-screen mom, Mary-Margaret Humes still plays a special role in his life. Humes in his Instagram story shared how after the demise of his mother, Mary has always sent him cookies in his birthday.

In the video we see the children of James Van Der Beek were excited around a box of choco chip cookies. The actor shares six children with wife Kimberly. He filmed this clip with her wife where they were laughing behind the camera while the kids were trying to get their share of cookies.

James Van Der Beek Said He Has The Best TV Mom:

Melinda Weber, the mother of James Van Der Beek died back in 2022. The actor then uploaded a bunch of photos of her. Melinda was a professional gymnastics teacher and dancer. He honored her with those photo posts.

He captioned the post saying that even though he knew this day will come, he is in shock. James Van Der Beek in his post said that he is grateful that her mother is relieved from all her pain. However, he feels sad, angry, happy and relieved, and all these emotions are flowing through his veins in the same moment.

James joined the Dawson’s Creek set back in 98. He has enjoyed many amazing moments with the cast after joining is evident with his recent posts.