Actor And Companion Keith Jefferson’s Passing Is Mourned By Jamie Foxx

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Jamie Foxx laments the loss of a good friend. Foxx, 55, announced his buddy Keith Jefferson’s passing on Instagram on Thursday and said that it hurt a lot. Adding further that Keith had been the purest soul, with immeasurable love and absolute grace. 

Jamie Foxx said in a subsequent post that he felt very hurt and had been having a tough time processing the news and thinking about their shared memories, Jamie Foxx also added that he was missing him a lot. He further said that everyone misses and that it would take him a while to recover from this, Jamie Foxx continued.

Jamie Foxx In Memory Of Keith Jefferson, His Close Friend And Companion 

Jamie Foxx added that he has been a great human being ever since he had known him in college. He also said that he had never anticipated that he’d have to witness such a day without his dear friend. 

Jefferson was a performer, voiceover artist, producer, and acting instructor, as per his website. His IMDb lists his appearances in a couple of episodes of their television sitcom The Jamie Foxx Show from 1998 as his first collaboration with Foxx. In addition, Jefferson had parts in Tarantino’s 2012 picture Django Unchained, which featured Jamie in the lead, along with the 2022 movie Day Shift as well as the actor’s most recent film The Burial.

On August 9, Jefferson revealed his cancer diagnosis on Instagram. Foxx posted on Instagram on August 30 that he and Keith first met in college and continued to share a deed bond ever since. “I’m requesting prayers from everyone. Devil you a falsehood, asking the Lord to cure his mind and body. @keith.jefferson Keep fighting because you’re fortunate. I adore you. Jefferson went on to collaborate with Tarantino after he collaborated with Foxx, including appearances in the films The Hateful Eight (2015) and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (2019).