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Jana Kramer Shares Intimate Details With Ex-Husband Mike Caussin

Jana Kramer, the singer, and actress separated from her husband NFL player Mike Caussin in 2021, when they filed for divorce. They have two children together. Her dating life didn’t raise any type of questions after her divorce. Though she has been married two times before the last divorce. Jana Kramer was an actress in One Tree Hill.

Jana Kramer Shares Things About Her Private life

Jana Kramer has her own podcast called ‘whine down’, where she shares her personal experiences, more like a talk show. She and her husband separated from each other last year, they tied the knot in 2015, and in a year they hit a rough patch cause Mike Caussin was caught cheating on her. In 2021 they parted ways officially.

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She shares her s** life openly, about how her ex-husband Mike Caussin didn’t go down on her, for years. Though Mike was in rehab for addiction to s**, just after their divorce. Jana’s sexual life was full of hiccups, she eventually accept that. She is shy when it comes to her pleasure, even before Caussin she didn’t let her other two husbands do the same. She is clearly not comfortable based on her words about having oral pleasure.

Jana Kramer was once accused of having an affair with her co-star Gleb Savchenko from ‘Dancing With Stars’ and was accused by her then-partner and country singer  Ian Schinelli. Supposedly they didn’t end their relationship in a great term. Jana felt oral sex to be too’ intimate’, which she wasn’t comfortable with. The main focus of her podcast is speaking candidly about her life and things, and listeners seem to enjoy it.

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