Jane Fonda Didn’t Believe That She Would Live Past 30

Jane Fonda

Even before she understood what it was called, Jane Fonda had been struggling with an eating condition.

For the episode of “Call Her Daddy” airing on February 1st, Fonda discussed her struggles with eating and how she eventually overcame bulimia in an interview. She remembered thinking, “Why can’t I just eat this frozen yogurt and cake, and then just vomit it up?” since the idea seemed “so innocent in the outset, so benign.” As the saying goes, “what you don’t understand is, it becomes a dreadful addiction.” 

Jane Fonda Feared She’d Die 

Jane Fonda described the immediate and profound effects of her disease. “In the end, you just look exhausted. If you’re hiding something from each other, you may forget about having a real connection. Your day revolves on obtaining and consuming nourishment, both of which need privacy and independence “the woman said. This is a fairly alone activity. Fonda further said that the times in her life when her behaviors were most discordant with what she should be doing or who she truly was were the times when her eating problem flourished.

After some time, she noticed that her routine was beginning to affect her. The moment of truth arrived when she realized she could not continue living this way and that it was inhibiting her ability to take an active role in her own life.

Jane Fonda opted to stop binge eating cold turkey and turned to anti-anxiety drugs like Prozac due to a lack of assistance and the stigma around eating problems at the time. “I had no idea there were clubs one could participate in. At the time, I knew little to nothing about it. And no one seemed to mind or comment on it. I didn’t realize there was a specific term for it “As she spoke, the meaning became clear. “It was really hard, but I eventually stopped cold turkey. However, the truth is that it’s best to give yourself some time to recover from your previous binge before attempting to do so again. It’s becoming simpler and simpler.”