Jeff Goldblum’s Wife Planned An Italian Vacation For His 70th Birthday

Jeff Goldblum

On Saturday, Jeff Goldblum turns the grand old age of 70.

The actor from “Jurassic Park” found out he was a “Zaddy” in January 2020 while appearing on the “Kelly Clarkson Show.”

A “Zaddy,” pronounced similarly to “daddy,” is a handsome older man who emanates confidence and charisma in addition to his obvious physical attractiveness.

In the episode, Clarkson’s assistant explains the term “Zaddy” to Jeff. After marrying in 2014, Jeff and Emilie Livingston are now parents to Charlie, 7, and River, 5. To mark her husband Jeff Goldblum’s birthday, Emilie Livingston is taking him on a “surprise” trip.

Jeff Goldblum Turns 70

Saturday marks the actor’s 70th birthday, and to celebrate, the ex-Olympian, now 39, has booked a trip to Italy.

During a Friday Instagram post, Livingston posed the question to her husband, “He responded jokingly, “I think I misheard. A moment ago, I was under the impression that we were visiting Staples.”

Livingston said in the picture’s caption that she had packed Goldblum’s suitcase and prepared a train and vehicle excursion to their “surprise destination,” which was Italy. The post also included photos and clips of the couple in Italy synced to music.

“Now that we are here enjoying this intoxicating dream, it is even more magical!” she exclaimed.

A later Instagram post by Livingston included a second love letter to her husband, along with a photo of the couple.

“To my dearest friend, lover, and life partner: Happy Birthday! I will be there for you through thick and thin, in good times and bad, in your personal life and your professional life. Love of my life #jeffgoldblum #maisongoldblum #initaly #adventures #withourbeautifulboys, “the words in her caption said.

On her Instagram Story, she also posted a picture of Jeff Goldblum celebrating his birthday with cake while surrounded by a picturesque Italian landscape.