Vogue Cutting Ties With Kanye west


Vogue isn’t satisfied at all with Kanye West and his behavior. He has pulled strings before but recently was his last straw. Just after they married, Vogue started working with Kanye and his Ex-wife Kim Kardashian in 2014.

Vogue Against Kanye And His Tantrums

Vogue’s editor-in-chief Anna Wintour had a close and long-term relationship with rapper and Yeezy designer Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. However, they are now all set to cut ties with Kanye West. He has bullied Kim on social media regarding their children, then made a huge fuss about how sorry he is, as it appears.

Kanye has been given many chances to work with such a delicate company, but he didn’t care about them at all. And Anna Wintour had enough of these continuous tantrums and made the situation pretty crystal clear that he is no longer welcome in the inner circle. And recently at Paris fashion week he wore a t-shirt with “white lives matter” written on it to the fashion show, which is unacceptable.

One of Anna’s editors Gabriella Karefa-Johnson was mocked by Kanye for her fashion sense in the form of revenge. As she criticized Kanye’s inappropriate outfit for the fashion show. Kanye bullied Kim on various occasions after their divorce, and he went crazy after that, which even led him to mock Kim and Pete Davidson’s relationship. He was even seen with a mysterious woman, who dressed exactly like Kim Kardashian.

Not only these types of tantrums, but he has threatened Jewish people and he was given the opportunity to apologize and make up for it, he threw it again and made the situation worse than before. Humiliating a tribe isn’t acceptable in this century’s society and Kanye made an unacceptable stunt against these people.

In 2009, Anna Wintour personally invited Kanye West to be present at the Met Gala, now he isn’t welcome at all to be in the inner circle. Not only vogue but Haute Couture Balenciaga will not be working with Kanye in the future.