With Everly, Her Daughter, Jenna Dewan Enjoys A “Girl’s Trip” And Is “So Beyond Grateful.”

Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan went on a memorable ladies’ getaway with her kid Everly. This Sunday, the 42-year-old Step Up actress published a collection of images from the time they spent together in Mexico, close to Puerto Vallarta.

Mom and Eve’s girls’ trip: “We appreciate our time with each other and look forward to many more trips like this one in the future. Her heart was bursting with joy, Jenna Dewan wrote in the Instagram description. Jenna Dewan, 10, and Everly, 10, are shown in the magnificent close-up in the first image of the carousel holding hands and touching foreheads while the sun shines brightly above them.

Jenna Dewan Posts Gorgeous Photos Of Her Holiday With Daughter Eve

Following a photo of the messages the hotel left for the mother-daughter team, Dewan uploaded a sweet photo of her picking up her daughter at the beach as both were grinning widely. She also uploaded a photo of her kid admiring bracelets while donning a hat and a pink watercolor bikini. Jenna Dewan uploaded a picture of herself chasing Eve over the beach in a dark green bikini in between images of her vibrant purse along with an iguana.

In addition, Jenna posted a video of the mother-daughter pair cuddling side by side and a film of Everly unwinding in a spa while wearing a towel over her face and cucumbers over her eyes. Several of Dewan’s acquaintances sent comments on the article. Allison Holker, a fellow dancer, and artist, wrote that it was beautiful. “This is wonderful. What a team, said Lucy Hale. Michelle Monaghan said, “This is very remarkable. I adore you two very much.

On Friday, Dewan posted a cute photo of herself and Steve Kazee, her fiancé’s son Callum, 3, strolling into the sand while wearing a casual top and khakis on Instagram Stories.