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Jennifer Aniston Defended By Fans From Her Christmas Ornament Backlash

Jennifer Aniston started a social media debate after she shared a picture of her Christmas ornament which many fans thought was making fun of the Covid-19 pandemic. The actress of Friends, 51 shared her new ornament used for decorating the Christmas tree on an Instagram Story. The picture showed her carrying a circle made of wood which has the words indicating their 1st pandemic 2020 engraved into it through an elegant text.

Given the spike in the recent cases of coronavirus due to which many have been forced to stay at their homes in the holiday season skipping the normal holiday celebrations, many people found the wooden circle tasteless in these circumstances. One user posted that only because she is a popular celebrity, doesn’t indicate that she would not be held accountable for her actions. It is very insensitive of her to put on an ornament that has the words pandemic 2020 on it.

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Jennifer Aniston has been urged to do better as they will not celebrate this. Another user commented that the actions of Jennifer Aniston are in very bad taste. Whoever is responsible for making this ornament is a complete idiot and has the opposite of the word empathy.

Trolling Jennifer Aniston Went Overboard

However, while most of the people had negative feedback on her story, many fans rushed to defend the star’s actions. A handful of her fans said that Jennifer had been using the platform for advocating for small businesses that are deeply impacted but this pandemic and also for encouraging her followers to help curtail Covid-19 spread by wearing a mask. Fans termed her ornament as a satire that most people don’t just get. In July, Jennifer shared a story of her friend who fought against Covid-19 for making her followers take the pandemic seriously and always wear a proper mask.

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