Jennifer Hudson’s Birthday Wish Pointing Towards Something More

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson wished Common on his birthday. They have been seen together since 2022.No one knows what has been going on. Though the fans are shipping since last year. A pure birthday wish has nothing more to it. Critics believe there is some kind of hidden meaning to it. Given the rumor’s attention. The rumors have been floating around since 2022.

Breathe Brought Jennifer Hudson Closer To Someone

Both Common and Jennifer Hudson worked in Breath. They played the roles of husband and wife. The couple has a daughter named Zora. Jennifer Hudson played Maya, the wife. The movie came out in 2022 on 14th December.

The family of three took shelter in an underground bunker. They wore oxygen to save themselves. The uninhabitable situation killed many. The lack of oxygen.  Just after the announcement of their movie Breath. Jennifer Hudson and Common have been seen together a lot. They were spotted in Chicago and Philadelphia in 2022. Just after finishing shooting for the movie.

Even Hudson has given her portion of clarification last year. She is also tired of those rumors. They are co-actors and while working they grew friendships. Both of them are nurturing it. She is aware of her feelings. Although didn’t specify what kind of feelings she holds.

Even before Jennifer Hudson was rumored to be with Common. He had a serious relationship with Tiffany Haddish. They broke up in 2021 november. They dated for probably a year.

Jennifer Hudson posted a photo of her and Common on his birthday. They both look stunning. Jennifer wearing a violet velvet dress and Common is wearing a grey jacket. His arms wrapped around Hudson. Jennifer addressed him in the post saying one of the brightest lights. Common shared the post on his story thanking him.