Jeremy Renner has recovered and is now walking: Updates On His Mindfulness

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

On Sunday, the Bourne Legacy actor, Jeremy Renner uploaded a clip of himself on a treadmill via social media as reassurance for his worried fans. 

The 52-year-old actor from the series Hawkeye, Jeremy Renner posted a clip of himself using a treadmill weeks after the gruesome accident he survived on the New Year that had left the actor heavily injured. 

Using hashtags of mindfulness and intentional recovery, the actor Jeremy Renner took to Twitter to let his fans know about his recovery process and said that all he had to do the onwards was to create a healthy lifestyle that will allow his body to heal itself. About eight weeks after the accident at his ranch outside of Reno, Nevada, in January, when he shattered approximately 30 bones as well as had many surgeries, Jeremy Renner is seen in the short 15-second clip operating a treadmill.

14,330 lbs Strike Endgame Actor Jeremy Renner, Breaking 30 Bones 

After having faced such a horrible situation, Jeremy Renner says that all he wishes to do is to let his body relax and recuperate on its own, according to the description for the video on his Insta Stories. After a snow plow, estimated to weigh a minimum of 14,330 lbs plowed over Renner as he was assisting a relative with a “stuck” car in the snow, the actor was left in a critical but stable state. 

A post this week showed the Avengers actor, praising the PistenBully snow plow’s reappearance. The County Sheriff’s Office had earlier collected the gadget and was examining it to look for any mechanical disturbances that might have led it to malfunction, causing the accident. The Wind River star, Jeremy Renner, later happily captioned a photo of his gadget heading back to his house. 

In his recovery, the actor is focusing not only on healing his body but also his mind and we only have best wishes for him.