Jeremy Renner Shares About Snow Bringing Up New Hopes After The Accident

Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

The Marvel beloved star Jeremy Renner got crushed in an accident by a snowplow on the eve of New Year’s close to his new place at Lake Tahoe. Since then he has been under steady recovery with positive signs.

Snowplow Accident Gives Jeremy Renner A New Reality Check Over Life

The 52-year-old actor shared last Tuesday that the snow outside his place at Lake Tahoe finally seems to be melting off bringing out new rays of ‘hope’. The caption exclaimed how this melt is heading on with new hopes in hand and finally, Renner got back his entrance to the house, right out in the front. 

Jeremy Renner was found with over 30 broken bones after the hit-and-run accident, the incident took place on January 1st near his house in Nevada. The mighty Avenger character Hawkeye never stops even off-screen as he jumps off to save his nephew from being crushed by the snowplow giving no second thought whatsoever. He was quick to act as soon as he saw the sliding vehicle heading fast and strong toward his nephew instead crushing him out in the way. The press release reported the incident according to the information by authorities in Nevada and gathered by CNN.

Following the incident, Jeremy Renner has been sharing about his steady recovery to keep his fans updated through his social media. The latest one was on January 21st as he shared a picture of himself going through physical therapy as he resides in bed. 

Hawkeye wrote how his morning workout and his resolutions came to change significantly after New Year’s, as the spawn of tragedy seems to fade he recalls his entire family and the quickly attributed affectionate love towards the undeniable gem of a human. 

Renner goes on to thank everyone for the support he and his family has been receiving over the last few weeks. The thoughtful gesture and love were much appreciated and as the over 30 broken bones come to mend and grow stronger so will his bond with friends and family.