Jimmie Allen Ashamed Of His Actions

jimmie allen

The country singer took to Instagram to apologize to her wife Alexis and the mother of his two children. Jimmie Allen perhaps abused his former manager on a daily basis. Jane Doe brought a lawsuit against him for sexually abusing her. It doesn’t affect Jimmie what he has done. But he is ashamed that because of him his wife and children are going to suffer.

He has set the worst example to his children of men and a father.

His wife Alexis was perhaps aware of all the things going on behind her back. She filed for divorce weeks ago before the lawsuit news came to the surface.

Jimmie Allen Confessed 

He has been involved with his manager for the last two years. According to him, she always preferred secrecy about their relationship. They consciously chose to be with each in this mess. 

Jimmie Allen is going to be the father of his and Alexis’s third child soon. And she has filed for divorce.

The former manager filed a lawsuit against him claiming he has raped her and abused her sexually on multiple occasions. Even sexually harassed her in front of the managing team.

Jimmie Allen obviously maintained his innocence. He denied all the claims. He still claims his relationship with her was consensual. There is no way he would have forced her.

He is rethinking his wrongs. He is ashamed because he couldn’t be the father he wanted. He failed as an ideal man to his wife and father to his children. However, he is trying his best to be the best version of himself. He seeks forgiveness from all the people he has hurt in this process.

Jimmie Allen felt highly humiliated and betrayed. He considered that woman as his closest friend. Even though she was a colleague. He considered her as his family. She was always present at the family event.

He didn’t even imagine someone so close would bring so much harm to him and his family.