John Amos’s Daughter Playing Mind Games

john amos

His daughter Shannon has made a GoFundme page to raise money for her father. Their initial goal was to raise $500,000. They have raised $13,000 so far. They have 300 donors. John Amos has been a victim of elderly abuse. His son K.C. Amos has shared a video of his father. Where he stated his daughter Shannon had abused her for financial purposes. The suspicion spiked when a post about Mr. Amos was deleted from her page. Shannon has claimed her father has been seeking her attention all this time. She has received numerous distress calls from her father’s end.

John Amos Wants To Stop Those False Rumors To Stop Spreading

His son K.C. Amos has taken a video of his father to clarify the current situation. John Amos can be seen staying in the video. How wrongfully his daughter is asking for money from strangers. Shannon has been using her daughter John Amos as a pawn for money. He made a statement maintaining his reputation and honesty. All the money have been donated so far must return to their owners. He hasn’t been to ICU and nor fighting for his life. He has been facing difficulties that are completely age-related. It has nothing to do with his life.

Shannon’s spokesperson has stated and made clear the accusations were originally false. John Amos is extremely infuriated with all the misfortune her daughter has caused in society. John Amos has further made a video of himself clarifying the situation that has occurred lately. The information on the GoFundme page is false, and he is not distressed. Rather, he is doing well in life. She has made him the victim for money only. She seemed worried about her father. However, all for show.