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JoJo Siwa Confirms Dating Rumors

Jojo Siwa is dating Avery Cyrus. Jojo and Avery confirmed their relationship on the dancing with the stars after the show. They are so cute together that the fans can’t wait to see what they do next!

If you’re not familiar with Jojo Siwa, she’s a singer, dancer, and actress. She has a show on Nick Jr., as well as her own YouTube channel where she posts videos of herself singing songs for kids.

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Her most popular song “Boomerang” has over 3 million views on YouTube (and counting). Avery Cyrus is a singer and actress who you probably know from her roles in the Disney Channel show, “The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.” She’s 22 years old, and she’s dating Jojo Siwa.

We don’t know much about their relationship but they seem to be doing very well as a couple.

Jojo Siwa And Avery Cyrus Are Dating

You might be wondering, how did this come about? In a recent interview with Page Six, Jojo Siwa confirmed that she and Avery Cyrus are dating. They both star on the Disney Channel (Cyrus as Bailey Pickett on Bizaardvark and Siwa as D.J. on Stuck in the Middle), so it makes sense that they would meet there.

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They’ve been dating for several months now and are both 18 years old—a bit young for serious relationships, but not unheard of! The two also come from California; Jojo is from Los Angeles and Avery is from Santa Clarita Valley (a suburb just north of LA).

Jojo Siwa, the 16-year-old pop star and dancer who rose to fame through her YouTube channel, confirmed that she is dating fellow musician Avery Cyrus in an interview with Us Weekly.

“We started to meet up in secret,” Siwa said. “It was kind of like a ‘secret boyfriend’ thing.”

Siwa added that the pair “just clicked.” She also shared what she loves about Cyrus: “He is so sweet and he always looks out for me no matter what,” she told Us Weekly.

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