Jojo Siwa Says She Had No Clue Regarding Any Inappropriate Content During Board Game

Jojo Siwa
Jojo Siwa

Jojo Siwa, a YouTube star responded to the controversy regarding a board game for children mentioning her name containing questions that she has been calling “inappropriate” and “gross”.The 17 years old internet sensation and singer posted one video on one of her social site accounts on Monday night claiming that she absolutely no clue regarding the types of fun questions involved on the cards for playing, because when these companies decide to make games, normally they don’t keep her informed on every little aspect of it.

Jojo Siwa Apologises To All Her Fans And Followers On TikTok

The game which is branded by Nickelodeon and marketed for children of ages 6 and above has playing cards with questions like whether somebody has been outside without underwear or whether someone has been ever arrested? After most of the parents started protesting against the game’s contents on social sites, Jojo Siwa apologized and assured her fans that she was also really upset with the content of the game and that she has been putting efforts into removing the game from stores.

Jojo Siwa shared a video in which she said that during the weekend, that her image and name have been utilized for promoting the board game showing inappropriate content, and that it was brought to her attention by her followers and fans on Twitter.When she first saw the game’s content, she was very upset about how gross the questions were, so she brought the matter to the attention of Nickelodeon, and since that time they are working on getting this board game stopped and pulling it off the shelves of the stores that are currently selling this game. Jojo Siwa also said that if she would have seen the cards before selling the game, she would have never agreed or approved to get associated with it.