Josie Hart Married 41 Years Of Friend

Josie Hart

After being friends with Blair Underwood for the last 41 years, she found a soulmate in him. Josie Hart got married to her friend of a lifetime. They didn’t even date for long years. However, both of them kept things subtle and moved accordingly. Unlike Blair Underwood, she is very private and avoids the spotlight.

He has been married to Desiree DaCosta for the last 27 years. Their marriage lasted till 2021. They share three children, two sons, and one daughter. Blair Underwood’s dating Hart rumored sparked immediately after he parted ways with his ex-wife in 2021.

Teenage Romanced Bounced Back, Josie Hart Finally Tied The Knot

Perhaps they knew it was coming. Josie Hart has been friends with Blair Underwood since they were 16. They have always succeeded in maintaining a good friendship. Sadly they both lived on both sides of the state. Josie Hart lived on the east coast with her family. At the same time, Blair Underwood lived on the west coast of California. They both moved on with their lives and got busy with their families.

The first time they made a public debut was in 2022. Blair Underwood had the opportunity to bring his love Josie Hart onto the red carpet. They both showed up for the 50th International Emmy Awards, which took place in the big apple. Underwood was over the moon and was proud to stand in public. And was rather proud to stand next to her.

Immediately after the public appearance, Underwood penned a heartfelt message for his fiancee Hart. He couldn’t fathom to imagine how lucky he had become after all. And he further mentioned his future with Josie Hart looks quite brighter indeed. He was grateful to god for bringing them closer. Josie Hart has children from a previous marriage, and so does Blair Underwood. They are perhaps thinking about a blended family.