It’s A Wedding Season In Hollywood, Jon Hamm Got Married

jon hamm

He dated Anna Osceola for two years, and they engaged in February. Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola met on the set of Mad Men. And their wedding venue was the same place. Perhaps they wanted to mark the date at the same place everything started. Thus it has a great significance in their life. They have done many films together, like Confess and Fletch. Many close and celebrity friends joined them at the altar. They tied the knot on Saturday. The ceremony occurred at the Big Sur, where Mad Men were shot.

Jon Hamm Signed Up For Lifetime Of Comfort

He has known Anna Osceola since 2015. Their dating rumor sparked in 2020. Since then, Jon Hamm and Anna Osceola have worked together and are often seen at the movie screening. They first appeared red carpet last year at the Oscar party. Jon Hamm finally gave an insight into their marriage last year in September at the Fletch screening.

 He did mention how comfortable he is around her, he doesn’t feel stuck. Like his career, which is a happy and comfortable place for her, Anna Osceola gave him the same safe vibe. He could be himself around her. Even after a major age gap, they didn’t hesitate. Jon Hamm did address how people have questioned their age gap and relationship.

He was able to sit down and give this relationship a thought. And he has concluded that this is it. He could think of a family with this person. Jon Hamm mentioned this relationship would provide him with another version of happiness. Even after spending half a century on the earth, he has now started to feel the changes, and he can finally say he is in a better place now.