Frederic Forrest, Actor Of Apocalypse Now, Passes Away At 86

Frederic Forrest

Frederic Forrest, an actor who was nominated for an Oscar, has passed away at the age of 86. The news was confirmed by Barry Primus, a friend and fellow actor of the deceased actor, who further mentioned that the actor had died on Friday after being in a long battle with an illness. Forrest was famous for his role in the 1979 musical drama The Rose, where he starred opposite Bette Midler, who also played Midler’s love interest- Huston Dyer.

Needless to say, Forrest’s death did impact Midler, who tweeted that the great and acclaimed Frederic Forrest had passed away, and she was thankful to all of his fans and friends for the support that they had provided the last few months. She further mentioned that Forrest was a remarkable actor and an amazing human being, and she was lucky to have him in her life. 

Frederic Forrest Passed Away At The Age Of 86

In response to her post, a fan expressed their condolences on the passing of Frederic Forrest, claiming that he was a brilliant actor. Another user stated that this was incredibly sad news, for he was a wonderful actor and had several memorable roles. Yet another fan commented that they would never forget his role as the terrifying Blue Duck on the wonderful TV series Lonesome Dove. He, according to the fan, went on to dominate all his scenes. 

Along with starring in The Rose, Frederic Forrest is also known for playing the role of Jay Chef Hicks in Francis Ford Coppola’s epic war movie called Apocalypse Now- which was also released in 1979. This wasn’t the only collaboration between the two- they worked on four other films- One From The Heart, The Conversation, Hammett, and Tucker: The Man and His Dream.