Brittany Mahomes Shares Glimpses Of Her Motherhood Every Now And Then

brittany mahomes

Her little football team is in the making. Brittany Mahomes is a mother of two and co-owner of Kansas City Currents. Apart from being a footballer, she has a primary responsibility to fulfill. Brittany Mahomes feels complete after becoming a mother of two. This feeling denies every other feeling in the world.

It’s summertime, thus uncountable trips to beaches with cola and juices. She shares two children with her husband, Patrick Mahomes—daughter Sterling, two years old, and son six months. The family of four is enjoying a nice warm day by the beach.

The Adorable Beach Photos Of Brittany Mahomes’s Family

A few days ago, Brittany Mahomes shared a photo of her daughter Sterling with her father, Patrick Mahomes, practicing golf in their backyard. Brittany Mahomes didn’t caption the photo and let the world presume. Little milestone of kids means milestones of their parents where every success they have to date seems worthless in front of those little achievements of the little ones.

These milestones and achievements are beyond happiness. Rather, parents usually fail to express them in words. Brittany Mahomes is nothing different from all the mothers in the world. The same day her daughter Sterling started golfing in the backyard. The same day she marked for potty training. She succeeded that day. Brittany Mahomes hit two polls with one ball.

She posted many videos, captioned one attempting potty training today, and cracked a joke saying it was a good day. At the beach, Mahomes went with her husband and children. Her daughter Sterling wore a one-piece bathing suit with a beige Louis Vuitton bucket hat, whereas her son wore a blue hat and napped in his mother’s arms.