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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Joss Whedon Slammed By Ray Fischer Amidst ‘Justice League’ Controversy

Zack Synder had been making Justice League earlier in the year 2017. On the other hand, the director’s chair was abandoned in order to deal with the loss of his daughter that he was going through at the same time. He has recently re-launched an attack against Joss Whedon.

This is due to the reason that after Warner Bros gave the position to Joss Whedon for the completion of the movie, he destroyed it completely. Whedon was responsible for the supervision of the editing and VFX work of the movie.

Major Backlash Against Joss Whedon

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Ray Fischer was one of the very first and only actors who had performed truly brilliantly despite the misbehavior of Joss Whedon that he meted out on the sets of the filming of Justice League.

This crude behavior was enabled by Warner Bros and their executives Jon Berg and Geoff Johns. This was followed by a very bad investigation in the case that ultimately resulted in the removal of Fischer from the Flash film.

This was the time when Synder Cut was receiving momentum. After it was confirmed, Fischer got a few forms of relief after knowing that the extent to which Whedon had destroyed his role in the movie. In addition to all this, the cast and crew of Buffy The Vampire Slayer had come together in order to accuse Whedon of conducting similar kind of behavior.

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Charisma Carpenter had even tweeted to recount the way in which Whedon had threatened to fire her and called her fat in front of the other worker of the movie when she was 4 months pregnant.

The forthcoming Justice League movie is soon to be releasing and it nullifies the previous versions altogether. Fischer has been bold by speaking against powerful white men who rule over the entertainment world.

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