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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Lit-Up Houston Skyline Sparks Social Media Outrage

Recently there has been a huge outrage in the social media against the lit-up skyline in Houston while a larger part of the state spent their night in freezing cold without their power supply.

This photo that has sparked outrage was submitted by some viewers on 15th February, Monday. The picture reveals a brightly lit skyline in Houston that is glistening at a distance while the surrounding buildings are engulfed in complete darkness.

Social Media Backlash Over Houston Power Supply Discrimination

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The photo that is being circulated on social media and gathered millions of shares along with thousands of reactions reveal the discriminatory power supply in the Houston state.

Viewers are tweeting asking why and how was Downtown in Houston lit up and indicating it was a waste of power. Other tweets have expressed their anger at wasting electricity while most of the citizens had been asked to conserve power supply in order to help the state’s power grid that has been facing troubles.

Several other citizens have asked the buildings and businesses in Downtown to turn their power supply down when not needed to save energy.

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In the meantime, Sylvester Turner, the Mayor of Houston, has criticized the power grid of the state while he spoke regarding the photo and views of the citizens. He also compared this situation to be a storm that will not be forgotten by the Houstonians.

Greg Abbott, the Governor, stated that there is a massive outage that has left millions of citizens in darkness and the private companies must also assist in this challenge being faced by the state.

According to the reports of the officials, the state has the capacity of approximately 75% for power generation that is severely affected.

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