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Joy Behar Wore A Bright Green Blazer In 2023 Show; Sparks Enthusiasm In Followers

The Viewco-hosts Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg had some fun at the expenditure of the show’s occupant fashionista on a recent occasion.

Behar wore a bright green blazer that caught the attention of her co-hosts. Goldberg in particular made sure to crack many jokes about the bold choice.

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“ It’s a ‘ Beetlejuice ’ look, ” Goldberg said, pertaining to the 1988 movie. “ I allowed Beetlejuice was coming out from your blazer. ”

The other co-hosts were quick to join in on the fun. Sunny Hostin said that Behar’s blazer reminded her of the character Wormwood, who was played by the late Raul Julia in the movie “ I suppose it’s a great look, ” Hostin said. “ I suppose it’s veritably Beetlejuice- inspired. ”

Joy Behar The Sporting Fashionista

Joy Behar was a good sport about the discussion, indeed taking a moment to explain why she chose the bright green blazer. “ Well, I suppose that bright colors are veritably important for us aged people because the sight isn’t as good and you want to be suitable to be seen, ” she said.

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The discussion snappily shifted to the significance of dressing meetly for the season. Goldberg noted that she was still wearing sweaters indeed though it was January. “ I haven’t given up on sweaters yet. I don’t care, ” Goldberg said. “ But I’m going to start wearing my films in about two weeks. ”

Joy Behar agreed with the sentiment, saying that she was still wearing sweaters as well. “ I know. It’s still wintertime, ” she said.

The discussion also turned to Joy Behar’s bold fashion choices, with Goldberg noting that she was “ stalwart ” to wear the blazer. Behar responded in jest, saying that she was “ bold and stalwart. ”

The discussion was an unconcerned one, with the co-hosts participating a laugh at Behar’s expenditure. It was a memorial that fashion does not have to be serious all the time. Behar’s bold choice of blazer was a delightful way to.




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