Julia Fox Confesses Her Mental Health Status

Julia Fox

In her most recent TikTok, Julia Fox discussed her extremely severe issues with OCD and ADHD. The splendid actor gave a fan’s request to create a video on handling your career and being neurodivergent as a response on Friday.  Julia Fox complied, describing how difficult it was to regulate her state of mental health.

Fox, aged 32, claims she has periods of incredible productivity, where she’s as though on top of the world while just feeling invincible. She occasionally gets profound, sluggish feelings after that and simply can’t move. Julia Fox also said she had never actually discussed these concerns in public. She taped the one-minute confessional footage in a bathroom, perhaps right after taking a shower.

Julia Foxes Describes How Deals With ADHD And OCD

ADHD is incredibly difficult, she continued, as she recently learned that she’s got a tiny tinge of OCD too. She would keep counting the letters in words mentally and would aim for a total of 10 letters. When she’s not smoking pot, Julia Fox said, she is actually counting.

The weed calms down the state of OCD, the model stated. However, it would not address the productivity problem associated with ADHD, as it’s absolutely excessive.  Fox earned recognition in 2018 as a result of her fleeting romance with Kanye West, something that she called off in January after around six weeks in 2022.

In a September Magazine profile, the erstwhile dominatrix admitted that she had turned to account out at the initial signs of red flags, going on to explain that Kanye was dealing with various unclear problems that she didn’t have the throughput or emotional fortitude to cope with, particularly as a single mother of Valentino, a child who is one year old.

For that, she’s proud of herself, Fox said in the chat. She would have persisted and stayed longer if she had been there before Valentino. Fox has earned recognition for her dashing sense of style since her breakup with the rapper, from balaclavas to soaking wet appearances.