TransitSwap Apologizes For Losing Funds


A hacker used an internal flaw on a swap deal to lose almost $21 million for TransitSwap, an interchain decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator. Following the discovery, TransitSwap apologized to the clients and started looking for the funds that had been taken.

TransitSwap apologized profusely after admitting that a fault right within the code had let a hacker escape with an approximate $21 million. Peckshield, a blockchain investigator, focused the assault on a compatibility problem or misguided faith in the swap contract. Also, Peckshield joined the party in order to find the hacker, along with fellow investigators Bitrace,  SlowMist, and TokenPocket.

Transit Swap claimed that they currently possess a wealth of reliable information, including the hacker’s IP address, email address, and related on-chain contacts. They would do all they can to find the hacker, get in touch with him or her, and aid everyone in recovering their damages.

TransitSwap Updates People Regarding The Hacker And Their Loss

Investigative evidence suggested the fact that the hacker possibly had made previous withdrawals from well-known exchanges. TransitSwap expressed gratitude for the community’s confidence and understanding by promising to provide additional information when it is appropriate.

Cointelegraph’s request for clarification from TransitSwap seemingly has still not received a response. Hackers continue to refine their techniques for deceiving investors in response to the upgraded security measures put in place by cryptocurrency firms.

Previously, a hacker snatched 1,101 ETH, worth nearly $1.41 million during the time of reporting, by using an arbitrage trade bot for Ethereum (ETH) to take advantage of a bad code flaw.