Taylor Swift Is About To Go On An Ambitious Tour Next Summer

Taylor Swift

Fans of Taylor Swift would be elated to know that their favorite singer is about to go on a massive stadium tour in the summer of 2023. This has been reported by Page Six- who were themselves informed of it by sources close to the singer. One insider stated that the singer has some really high plans in store for her fans.

She is also quite excited to get back to singing before teeming thousands- after she took a hiatus which definitely improved her mental and physical health. Another insider mentioned that the singer had already booked quite a few shows by now. On the other hand, the representative for Swift didn’t respond to any of the requests Page Six had for some comment. 

Taylor Swift Could Be Touring Next Summer

Taylor Swift was about to go on a tour for her album ‘Lover’, back in 2020. But due to the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, she had to cancel all of her dates. Back then, she had tweeted that this was quite an unprecedented development and this had definitely changed the plans of everyone.

Therefore, no one really knew how it would be to tour such a landscape with so many restrictions and constraints in place. The singer had previously toured the world in 2018 when she promoted another album of hers- ‘Reputation’. This tour by Swift was one of the highest-grossing tours of all time, with the stop at Texas also being filmed for a concert special. 

Taylor Swift’s hiatus definitely didn’t involve her lazing around, as she still managed to get out two new albums, Folklore and Evermore. She also re-recorded a couple of her previous records back in 2021- Red and Fearless. This came at the back of her losing the ownership of the back catalog with her former record label.