Julia Roberts Celebrates Her Anniversary By Posting Picture With Her Husband

Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts expressed her joy as she celebrated her 19years of marriage with her husband Daniel Moder.

Julia Roberts has been married to Daniel Moder for almost twenty years now. The picture which she shared on Instagram only depicts the adorable chemistry between the couple.

The picture which was posted from the 53-year-old Roberts’ handle was a selfie portrait of the couple at an unknown sea beach.

Julia Roberts Makes Fans Adore The Sweet Essence Of Marriage

Julia Roberts expressed her love as she referred to their 19th marriage anniversary as if it was just the beginning. She sets a perfect example to demonstrate that their marriage is aging like a quality wine with time.

The actress was spotted with an orange cap that had the logo of a bird, a stylish blouse that had flowers printed on it. She also sported sunglasses that were considered big for her eyes. 

Roberts was noticed to be hugging Moder passionately, who was spotted with the usual Wetlook styling of his hair.

Julia Roberts first met her husband while shooting in a film which also starred Brad Pitt. Daniel Moder assisted the film as a lensman.

They later dated for a while and finally married on 4th July 2002 in New Mexico. Roberts & Daniel Moder became proud parents thrice.

Julia Roberts in an interview expressed her commitment to her husband by referring to Daniel as a fantastic person. She also emphasized the fact that they enjoy a lot with each other. They share a very healthy ratio between themselves and they cannot restrain from narrating each other every single detail that happened during the day.