California Stimulus Check: Golden State To Send Second Identical Check Of $600

Stimulus Checks
Stimulus Check

You could receive a second stimulus check worth $600 if you are a resident of the Golden State. But there are certain things you must ensure before you receive any payment.

The Legislature in California last week passed the bill to allow a second stimulus check for residents of the Golden State. The fresh round of payments comes with an extended income limit.

California Stimulus Check Could Go To Those With AGI Of $75,000 Or Less

While the initial round of the payment went to people making $30,000 or less a year, there is the possibility that households earning up to $75,000 in adjusted gross income will qualify for the state stimulus.

The California administration has recommended that people who are yet to file their income tax returns for 2020 do so immediately to ensure qualified individuals and families receive their payment.

Governor Gavin Newsom has said that the fresh limit should cover 78% of all taxpayers in California and 65% would receive the stimulus support. The Golden State has stretched the deadline up to mid-October. The CFTB will pay the stimulus checks the moment it gets the return.

As of now, the stimulus checks will go out to people who have already filed their returns. So if you already have done so, all you need to do now is wait for the $600 stimulus check to come in.

Under state laws, the Governor is mandated to submit to the legislature every year a budget proposal. This proposal should come in by the 10th of January each year. The Budget subsequently has to be passed before June 15.

The prolonged shutdown that cost millions in taxpayers’ money finally led to an impasse on the budget. Proposition 25 was introduced to break the impasse. The Proposition mandates a forfeiture in reimbursement if a budget fails to get passed within the deadline. That includes expenses, and salary that the legislators will forgo until the Legislature approves the budget bill.

Differences over spending the record surplus budget have denied the Golden State a fresh official budget, though a placeholder budget was in place by June 14. The main point of disagreement is the allocation to the homeless.

That amount was not part of the government budget. Any agreement is yet to be reached to include it in this year’s final budget. The Governor will likely keep his silence till the budget is passed.