Kanye West Faceing New Allegations After Balenciaga Headlines

kanye west
kanye west

Kanye West Just cannot stay away from the problems. Kanye West is currently facing an enquiry because of a recent episode in a Hollywood Nightclub. The infamous rapper allegedly tossed away a woman’s phone in a nightclub. This event happened in the wee hours of January 27th.

The woman apparently approached Kanye West first when she was at the club with her friends. Kanye allegedly was upset when he tossed the phone away. It was the woman’s phone and apparently she refused to take a photo with the rapper which caused this incident. This event was presented to the police officers who were present on the site, and they then launched an investigation against Kanye with immediate effects.

As of now, no criminal charges have been brought against Kanye West. However, the inquiry is still in a work in progress situation. However, the rapper can be charged with misdemeanour violence if the allegations against him are confirmed. As per our knowledge so far, the victim in this incident is thinking about suing Yee in the court.

Kanye West On The Headlines Yet Again For The Wrong Reasons: 

Kanye West’s fans look shocked to learn about this alleged violence by their favourite rapper. A lot of his supporters looked upset upon hearing such a story revolving around such a calm musician. So far it is unclear what kinds of effects this event may or may not have on the career of such an illustrated rapper. However, it is pretty evident that many pairs of eyes will be locked with careful attention to the situation.

The woman who allegedly fell victim in the event has refrained herself from talking about it publicly. Additionally, Kanye West’s agents have not issued a comment, and it is not known when they will.