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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Kanye West Shares Post About Divorce After Kim Declares She Is Single

Kanye West absolutely hated the divorce.

Kanye West, 44, posted an image on Instagram Friday that compares divorce to the likes of “COVID,” “walking on glass,” “getting beat up in the mall,” one’s “soul getting dragged over coals,” among other horrible things.

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The poem-like meme also has a few lines that state, “Divorce feels like your kids were snatched from your control/ Divorce feels like you’ve been shot and traffic is slow/ Divorce feels like heavy breathing/ Divorce feels like grandma never got over that cold/ Divorce feels like suffocating/ Barely breathing.”

It is unclear if Kanye West wrote the words himself or if, perhaps, they are part of a new musical project he plans to release.

Representatives for the “Mercy” rapper did not immediately return Page Six’s request for comment.

Kanye West And Kim Are Finally Divorced

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The powerful message comes at a poignant time because less than 48 hours ago a judge declared West and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, legally single.

Due to the judge’s ruling, the reality star no longer has to go by “Kim Kardashian West” – and can use just her own famous Kardashian surname from now on.

Kardashian wasted no time making the moniker change on her social media platforms.

She also revealed in a red carpet interview just after the hearing that she was doing “so great” and in a vow of support to her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, liked a tweet that called him “tender,” “funny,” and a man that “treats everyone with respect.”

But while West is seemingly sulking online, he appears to be handling the judge’s ruling much better in real life.

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