Kanye West Fasting?

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West has announced that he’s “giving up” sex, porn, and talking during his fast.

The rapper tweeted: “I will not be answering calls or taking messages for at least 5 days. No need to call.”

He added: “I am going to be working on the album and focusing on my family.”

Kanye earlier this week said he was going to stop tweeting for a while so he could work on his next album in peace.

Kanye West’s claim that he has given up porn and sex, as well as talking during the fast, comes after a year in which the rapper has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons.

Kanye West Sobering Up

In January 2018, Kanye made headlines when his wife Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. In June 2019, their daughter North was rushed to the hospital for stomach pains. The cause? A toxic mold infection was caused by water damage to their home due to flooding caused by heavy rains in Los Angeles County. During this time Kanye also experienced an apparent mental breakdown which saw him cancel several shows on his Saint Pablo tour and hospitalized with sleep deprivation.

The rapper then dived into the topic of porn.

“I’m going to give up porn and sex,” he said. “The reason I say that is because it’s too much for me. There’s so much going on in my mind.”

West has previously talked about his fast and discussed how it can improve your sex life. He told The Guardian that during his fast, “my sex drive increased” because he was feeling more connected with God and less distracted by worldly things like social media or video games which can take you away from your spiritual journey.