Kathy Griffin Asks Fans To Help Interpret Cancer Scan

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is asking her fans for help reading a medical report after having surgery related to breast cancer.

The singer, who has been open about her own mental health struggles, posted a video on Instagram that included a short interview with Griffin.

“I’ve always admired [Griffin],” Lovato said in the clip. “She’s been very vocal about her journey and I think she’s the perfect example of somebody who has survived so much.”

Lovato also tweeted at Griffin to express her support for the comedian: “You are my HERO,” she said.

In response to Lovato’s show of support, Kathy Griffin thanked her fans for their messages of love and gratitude. She also thanked them for helping to raise awareness around cancer detection methods and treatment options—and asked them to keep up with their efforts in order to find a cure.

Kathy Griffin Puts Up Her Results On Instagram

It’s not an easy thing to hear that you might have cancer. That’s why Griffin’s fans are supporting her in every way they can.

The former “Fashion Police” host also wrote, in part, that she’s “scared s–tless.”

“I don’t want people to worry about me,” Griffin added. “I am a warrior and I will fight this with everything I have.”

In a tweet, the comedian said she asked fans for help interpreting the medical report because she knows they’re “incredibly smart and thoughtful.”

“I’m scared of cancer,” Kathy Griffin wrote. “I have no idea what to make of this new report. Please help me understand this.”

“This is what I’m asking for all of you who read this — and it’s a big ask — but can you help me understand what the results mean? Because I don’t know, and I trust that your medical knowledge is far superior to mine.