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Katy Perry Flaunts Her New Look

When it comes to her outfits, Katy Perry is always going for a bold look. But even for the pop star, this one takes the cake: She was introduced at a party recently as “ginger” and wore a bright red dress with yellow polka dots and matching accessories made from what appeared to be ginger root.

Katy Perry dressed as a ginger root for a party recently.

Katy Perry Looks Dashing

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The pop star was introduced by her boyfriend, actor Orlando Bloom, to the crowd of partygoers at Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. She was photographed with a giant ginger root on her head and surrounded by other food-inspired costumes like eggs and donuts.

Perry has kept mum about what inspired her costume choice.

It’s always a bit of a bummer when celebrities decide to share their costumes with the world. There’s something appealing about keeping things private, especially when you’re someone who is usually in the spotlight. To be honest, I’d rather Katy Perry keep her party costumes off Instagram for as long as possible.

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Perry has kept mum about her party attire, but even if she does choose to go public with it at some point (which seems unlikely), I’m sure she’ll be able to pull off whatever she wears without making too many waves or drawing attention away from other aspects of celebs’ lives.

Katy Perry has made a name for herself as a fashion icon, and it’s easy to see why. The singer is always willing to experiment with new looks, whether she’s dressing up as the Queen of England or rocking head-to-toe pink on stage. Her 2019 Met Gala look shows her love of ginger root—and if you think that sounds weird, just wait until you see it!

While this outfit may not be your cup of tea (or drink), there are plenty of other ways you can use ginger root in your cooking this season. Ginger is an herbaceous plant that grows underground and develops rhizomes—which are basically roots with buds on them. In cuisines around the world, including Indian and Chinese cuisine, ginger root has been used for centuries to cook everything from marinades to dessert sauces.

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