Celebrating Her Last Leg Of Her Residency In LV, Katy Perry Gets A Finger Tattoo

katy perry

Katy Perry recently got some tattoos! The 38-year-old singer revealed that she got a finger tattoo to mark the conclusion of her residency Play in Vegas via a series of Instagram Story images on Friday. In the initial post, Katy Perry’s hand was propped up in front of a lamp as Liz Kim inked her left finger. The singer remarked in the clip asking if we knew what it was, as the ring light veiled her new art, “I bet you can’t guess what I’m receiving right now. “However, I am having my tour tattooed since it is customary.”

The “Firework” singer captioned the footage saying that it was time to get tour tattoos since only eight more shows were left.

It’s All About Keeping Up The Tradition For Katy Perry In Her Vegas Tour 

In a subsequent photo, Katy Perry flaunted her brand-new ink, which is a mushroom that was widely shown throughout her Play. In December 2021, Perry began her Play engagement in Las Vegas, and she made sure it was a visual extravaganza. The event includes giant bathroom things like a gigantic rubber duck and a toilet that is larger than life, in addition to a pink and yellow checkerboard stage. Fans of the singer may hear a variety of songs from each of her studio albums throughout the performance. The songs presented are “Teenage Dream,”, “Never Really Over,” “E.T.,”, “Roar,”, “Dark Horse,” and “California Gurls.” 

Play is more fantastic than Perry could have ever dreamed, she previously told the media, and it’s going “superb.” “Because it’s so massive, it’s like all my wildest fantasies have come true,” she said. It’s crazy. “I act like a doll, and the rest is enormous. And I’d say it’s a little trippy. Because I am unable to transport a thirty-foot urinal on the journey, this performance is only available in Las Vegas. No semi-truck would be able to contain it, she claimed.