On National Daughters Day, Kelly Ripa expresses her love for her daughter Lola Consuelos

Kelly Ripa
Television personality Kelly Ripa waves before unveiling her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Los Angeles, California October 12, 2015. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

On National Daughters Day, 52-year-old Kelly Ripa is honoring her one and only daughter! “#NationalDaughtersDay and tonight we rejoice in @TheYoungestyung Love you Lola!!!” the talk show host wrote in the caption of a touching Instagram carousel including images of daughter 22-year-old Lola Consuelos all through the years.

The series of old images featured diverse scenes from Lola’s childhood, including numerous pictures of the duo team and a handful of Lola alongside her father, 52-year-old Mark Consuelos. In response to Lola’s remark on the update, Kelly Ripa only said that she loved her a lot. 

Kelly Ripa Pokes Fun At Her Daughter With Husband Mark

The family has been close for a long time; Consuelos and Kelly Ripa recently made fun of their child on their show, Live with Kelly and Mark, saying that she sometimes finds them “cringe” in public. Ripa made a lighthearted joke when describing how Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos frequently adopt the dialect of the location they have been visiting for some time. She said, “I guess we’re amusing but she is ashamed always.” And to add to the gag, Ripa recently revealed the incident in which Lola witnessed her and Mark having sex twice, both of which occurred on her birthday. 

When it happened for the first time, it was on Lola’s eighth birthday. Ripa recalled the occurrence by adding, “I only recall making glances with my daughter, who was positioned at the edge of the bed, at some time.” On her 16th birthday, the sad incident happened again, and Kelly Ripa said that she reacted more severely saying that her life was over. When she first started seeing it, everything was in color. How could you treat me like this? What’s wrong with all of you?”