Kelly Ripa Is Very Happy With Self-Tan Products

Kelly Ripa

The various products of self-tanners changed the life of Kelly Ripa just like many others. This product has made it possible for people to get a tan irrespective of the season and glow whenever they want. Individuals do not have to worry about UV rays which are very dangerous to health or spray tans for which one needs to book an appointment and spend a lot of money

Kelly Ripa’s Tan-Luxe Costs Only $55 At Amazon

Thus, lotions used for tanning are very easy to use, less time-consuming, and quite affordable. The majority of people do not want to try any skincare product for tanning their face as it might look streaky or orange. However, Kelly Ripa, the host who is 51 years old, always has a natural tan as if she just came out from a beach with golden skin. 

Kelly Ripa shared her secret on media that she uses tanning drops which she applies with her moisturizer and gradually the color develops. She even stated that the product is remarkable and hassle-free. There are a lot of people who use these products like Paige DeSorbo who also stated that she is a fan of Tan-Luxe. 

The Tan-Luxe has been made with the properties of anti-aging for the first time. It has been made with Vitamin E, aloe vera, and oil of raspberry seed which gives a natural and pure glow to its users. The tan will not ruin any clothes or sheets after use and moreover, it can give a radiant glow, sunkissed glow, golden glow, and bronzed glow with different use drops of the product. 

The users are hooked on this product as it is not smelly, transfer-proof, and almost lasts for an entire year. As per one customer, Tan-Luxe is the only product that did not cause acne to her and advises others to go with it as even works well in every skin type.