Throwback Picture Of Paris Hilton With Elizabeth

Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton

In a recent post shared by Paris Hilton, a throwback picture was posted on Instagram with her father, Rick Hilton and Elizabeth Taylor, her great aunt. In that post, she was honoring and remembering her aunt Elizabeth who died in March 201.

Iconic Post Shared By Paris Hilton To Remember Her Aunt

Paris Hilton shared the picture with a quote of her aunt, Elizabeth, writing that everything in this world works with kindness, connection, and hope with another person. The picture contained a childhood memory of Paris Hilton, who was standing with Elizabeth, the late legend of Hollywood. She got married in 1950 to Conrad Hilton and divorced him in 1951. 

Young Paris Hilton was smiling in the picture and seemed extremely happy sharing the picture with her father, Rick Hilton, and the Hollywood classic star. Elizabeth Taylor got married again after divorcing Conrad and in total, she married seven times following that divorce. She ultimately died from heart failure at the age of 79 on 23rd March 2011. 

Paris Hilton shared a post on Twitter on her loss and wrote that Elizabeth was not only beautiful in and out but she was also a figure inspiration to a lot of people including her. She was heartbroken with the news and mentioned that she would remain an icon forever. 

As per sources, Paris Hilton got her motivation and inspiration from her great aunt to start the business of perfume. She mentioned once in an interview while launching her perfume in 2014 that she practically grew up with her. 

In the words of Hilton, Elizabeth was very style-conscious and was a glamorous woman. She always drew her inspiration from her and admired the way she lived her life fully without worrying about anyone’s judgment or criticisms. Paris Hilton has more than 25 outstanding perfume fragrances among which White Diamonds, the signature perfume of Elizabeth ranks the chart and incurs more than $1.5 billion in sales.