Kendra Wilkinson Required Intense Healing After Divorce

kendra wilkinson

After her breakup with Hank Baskett, Kendra Wilkinson felt “lost.”

Between 2009 and 2018, Kendra, 38, and Hank was married, and she acknowledges that their divorce “triggered” her melancholy. Kendra Wilkinson is speaking up about when she felt “so lost” following her divorce from her ex-husband Hank Baskett, which took place at the same time as the conclusion of her ten-year career in television.

Wilkinson, 38, said on the most recent episode of PodcastOne’s On Display with Melissa Gorga that her divorce and the cancellation of her E! reality program, Kendra on Top, “triggered my depression.”

Kendra Wilkinson Is Focusing On Herself

“On Display with Melissa Gorga,” podcast guest Kendra said: “I didn’t know what was happening, and then all of a sudden I needed to do some serious healing.” In fact, Kendra felt as though she had lost herself through the breakup with Hank, 40.

Hank, 13, and Alijah, 9, are the couple’s children; the blonde beauty said: “I didn’t have all I knew for quite a while. I had no idea who I was. I was really lost. Kendra’s new TV show, “Kendra Sells Hollywood,” has helped her find her sense of purpose. Kendra, however, recently acknowledged that she will “always” adore Hank.

I don’t know whether that’s feasible, but I adore him and I always will, she said to E! News. “Our co-parenting is excellent. The children are overjoyed. It’s a process, sort of. That is a lot. Additionally, Kendra said that she is now too busy to look for love.

The reality star clarified that she is now concentrating on “Kendra Sells Hollywood.” The woman said, “I don’t think relationships are in my immediate future.”