Brother Kieran Culkin Confirms That Macaulay Culkin And Fiancée Brenda Have Welcomed A Second Child Into Their Home

Kieran Culkin

Macaulay Culkin has quietly welcomed a second child with Brenda Song. This was confirmed by Kieran Culkin, the brother of the 42-year-old Home Alone star. Culkin and his actress fiancée, the 34-year-old dollface Brenda Song are yet to catch up with Kieran Culkin, the star of Succession.

Kieran Culkin’s younger brother and Brenda welcomed the second child into their home 3 months back after Brenda welcomed Dakota, their first child, in April 2021. Kieran Culkin finally confirmed the birth of Carson, their second son. But Kieran Culkin also revealed that their busy schedules and the distance have meant that he is yet to meet his youngest nephew. The TV series actor is a father to a daughter, Kinsey Sioux. Aged three, and son Wilder Wolf, aged one. Their mother is the 34-year-old Jazz Charton.

Kieran Culkin Said That He Agreed To A Meeting 

Kieran Culkin confirmed in an interview he gave to Access Hollywood that while they live in New York, his brother and his family live far away in Los Angeles. He said that with two young children aged three and one, it is difficult to hop onto a plane and meet his brother’s family. The same is the problem with Macaulay he said.

Kieran said that while he had not been able to catch up with his younger nephew, the same has been the case with Macaulay and his family as they haven’t been able to catch up with his one-year-old son.

Kieran said that the young age of his son was preventing him from hopping onto the next plane and going to Los Angeles to catch up with his niece and nephew. He said that they made a trip when his daughter was 19 months, and it had been a nightmare. But she was good to go on an airplane, but now the issue was their younger son who is only one year old.