Kim Kardashian Is Taking The High Road With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

A high road is taken by Kim Kardashian in regard to co-parenting their four beautiful children with his ex-husband Kanye West. This new direction is followed by her because after her ugly divorce with Kanye, he was constantly targeting her and her new boyfriend, Pete Davidson on Instagram. 

Kim Kardashian Shared Her Feeling In Ellen DeGeneres Show

The 41-year-old celebrity, Kim Kardashian, stated this in her recent visit to the Ellen DeGeneres Show this Wednesday. As per Kim, she is very protective of her ex-husband though they have been separated and Kanye always comments against her. Kim stated that she is just like that and she has learned a fair share of good things from her parents. 

Kim Kardashian said that she will always be protective of Kanye as he is the father of her kids and she would never want her children to watch the bad side of their marriage. She is hopeful that with time things will get better and this rift with him will end. She even said that she deals with this chaos by just ignoring most of it and handles the situation by taking every step to think about her children. 

Kim said to Ellen that she has ultimately taken the high road and she always considers these hardships as a lesson to the journey of her life. Kim Kardashian believes that destiny has planned all these challenges so that she learns something specific out of this. She even mocked herself saying that it must sound like Zen but this policy is actually followed by her. She tries to be more mature so that she gets better with every adversity. 

Kim Kardashian also admitted in front of her fans that earlier she used to be worried about narratives, however, presently she does things that give peace to her soul. Lastly, she shared that her boyfriend, Davidson have wrote her name on his chest with the help of a hot iron.