Kim Kardashian Recalls 2016 Paris Robbery

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian spoke with her mother Kris Jenner on the most recent episode of The Kardashians.

Kim Kardashian spoke about the terrifying occurrence. Saying she’s not sure whether her sisters could have survived if the same thing had happened to them. Kim was shackled in plastic handcuffs and held at gunpoint during the hotel room robbery by masked men who seized jewels valued at millions of dollars. Do you recall the time you were mugged in Paris? And the anguish of being tied up and dropped into a bathtub? During the episode, Kris questioned.

Kim Kardashian Believes That Her Sisters Would’ve Been Scarred For Life

“I recall you saying, ‘Thank God it happened to me’,” Kris said. “But you handled every situation,” she added. Kim Kardashian echoed this sentiment and said, “When it ended, I thought to myself, thank God it was me rather than one of my sisters since it would fuck them up for the rest of life.” Kris continued by stating that she knew of no one who might have “handled the things you did” and that she was “so proud” of Kim’s way of life. However, she adds that she wishes everybody knew how “amazing” Kim’s heart is. 

Kris acknowledged that she had some regret for making her kids famous and unintentionally placing them in difficult circumstances. “You always feel guilty and regret helping your kids become famous. That is not how you can live, Kim added. “This is also our journey; we desired this, and you just enabled us to realize our potential.”

Life is about overcoming obstacles, and we are aware of how to do so, the speaker added. We just do this one thing. The family is able to overcome challenges, according to Kim, since they “get over it together.”