Kris Jenner Is Concerned With Kylie Jenner’s Excessive Spending Habits

Kris Jenner

Kris Jenner, Kylie’s manager and the matriarch of the family, is very concerned about the lifestyle and spending habits of her youngest daughter. Like normal parents, Kris is also asking Kylie to stop spending much.

 Kylie Jenner’s love for exquisite things has always been on the news. The youngest of the Jenner Family already owns multiple homes, a private jet, and a lavishing lifestyle. However, her mother is concerned about her depleting account in the bank.

An inside reveals that Kylie is spending too much lately, and thus when she bought a private jet, her mother, Kris had to interfere and had to ask her to take things slow. Mother Jenner is asking her youngest daughter to be responsible and to make better investments. However, as the insider said, Kylie who owns her brand does everything she wants to do.

Kris Jenner Has Asked Kylie To Be More Responsible for Her Spending

Kylie Jenner has recently been labeled as a climate criminal by many environmental activists as she took a 12 minutes flight instead of traveling those few miles in a car. After getting the backlash from the audience worldwide, Kylie shared a video of shopping at Target with her nieces and her daughter. However, almost no one is buying that stunt.

Kris Jenner was seemingly troubled by the over-the-top spending habits of her daughter. Also, it has been recently revealed that the star has $80million in the real estate business, and she spends $300000 on clothes every month. Thus, when she bought the jet Kris Jenner thought she should interfere and should take things slow, sources have revealed.