Kristen Bell Posts Photos of Jiu-Jitsu Injury Created by Daughter

Kristen Bell

The resilience of her 8-year-old kid is displayed by Kristen Bell!

The mother of two, Kristen Bell documented her nose injuries in detail via a post on Instagram this Tuesday after taking some ‘serious’ nose injury caused by teeth amid a jiu-jitsu training with her kid Delta.

The Frozen actress described the situation in the upload’s description, writing that she had suffered some small jujitsu injury where her nose had been attacked by her daughter’s teeth. She added, however, reassuringly that she will get better soon. She also said that we must see the opposite person and that her child has large pointy front teeth.

Kristen Bell Speaks On Figuring Things Out As A Parent

Most of her fans from the 15.5M Instagram followers arrived in the comment box to narrate their comparable parenting experiences even though she did not specify the severity of the injury. While one said her daughter cracked her nose, another chimed in by saying that every scar had its tale and that each body was a book.

Kristen Bell however said that she appreciates how each time a new method of parenting is developed that someone finds to be effective, a book is written regarding it and the book generally receives publicity. It was almost as if one parent was trying to teach some hack to all the others out there.

Since she continued, every child was unique and a parent is always certain about their role and has some idea regarding what they are supposed to do. Kristen Bell also added that two of her children required a different parental approach for things to work. Regarding her perspective as a mother, Kristan Bell said that she does everything that comes naturally and does not prefer following a book.