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Kyle Richards’s Disappointment With Sisters

Supposedly Kyle Richards regrets her decision to invite her siblings to the Real Housewives of Beverly hills. It’s clear that the sisters have not been on good terms with each other lately. It’s been a nightmare for her since seasons 1 to 5.

Kyle Richards Shares How Painful It Was To Film With Her Sisters

Kyle Richards’s sister Kim Richards has been on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since season 1 as a co-star with Kyle Richards. After a decade in season 11, Kyle Richards’s other sister Kathy Hilton joined and stayed through season 12, the third part of the season 12 reunion which kyle explains was worse than exorcist, it was so dreadful for her to even film, and she was mortified.

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She would rather watch exorcist on repeat rather than face that unhealed wound again and again. She further shared how it has been for her in the family and she is unwilling to go down that road. She was strong enough to keep herself together and film the whole episode, didn’t even let her emotions overwhelm her, and take control of the situation. It always has been a rollercoaster ride with her family and all the reunions that happened in the show from season 5 to season 12.

Kyle Richards’s daughters and Kim and Kathy’s children have always been on good notes with each other and the kids have made a huge impact in making who they are today. However the time has changed and tables have turned, so her daughters, are respectful towards their aunts and cousins and completely stay out of the drama.

After all, these Kyle is very positively looking at the situation and remembering ‘good times’  and strongly believe and hope for reconciliation among themselves, stating ‘after all family is family’.

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