Kylie Jenner Still Isn’t Ready To Share 7-Month-Old Son’s Name

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott
Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott

Since Kylie Jenner revealed on Instagram Stories (via Billboard) that she and Travis Scott had altered their son’s name from what they had originally announced — Wolf — to something else, followers of the Kardashians have been curious about Kylie Jenner’s enigmatic second child. Nearly six months have passed, and we are still unsure of the proper name for the Child Previously Known As Wolf.

KarJenner Stans, you are in luck since the business mogul and mother of two has finally revealed the real name of her son. Do not get too excited just yet because she has not confirmed or refuted any of the several speculations that are circulating online, but she has provided us with a few hints.

Kylie Jenner And Scott Have Not Decided Their Son’s Name

Jenner said to James Corden during an interview on “The Late Late Show” that although her son’s name is still legally Wolf, she and her family do not use that name. She actually has a pretty entertaining explanation for the holdup.

Because Baby (Not) Wolf’s father is undecided, Kylie Jenner claims she hasn’t yet revealed Baby (Not) Wolf’s real name or legally changed it.

Jenner reassured Corden that they have “zoned in on one” after he (sort of) joked that they should. Jenner responded “No” when Corden questioned whether it was still an animal. That is good to know, then!

In contrast to his older sister, Jenner does not appear prepared to reveal Baby Boy’s photo or name to the public. On Instagram, Jenner frequently shares images of her daughter Stormi, but followers have only seen sporadic glimpses of her son’s feet.