Lady Gaga’s Fake Boomerang Video Makes Her The Butt Of The Joke by Generation Z

lady gaga
lady gaga

Lady Gaga is being ridiculed by Generation Z for her latest social media post.

On Tuesday younger fans called out Lady Gaga, the 36-year-old pop icon for what appeared to be a “fake” Boomerang of herself tucking a tube of Haus Labs’ pigment paint behind her ear, citing the mismatched timing of the millennial musician’s movements and the absence of the IG feature’s signature logo in the clip.

Lady Gaga Too Tech Savvy To Make Such A Glaring Mistake

Lady Gaga cannot craft a false boomerang,” one admirer commented on the video, which was shot to advertise Lady Gaga’s beauty brand’s forthcoming Black Friday sale. The vast majority of respondents, however, exploited the viral video to make fun of Mother Monster’s supposed lack of technological skill, tweeting things like “she isn’t MOTHER but GRANDMA”

Others are puzzled how an artist recognized for pushing the frontiers of current media and employing techno-futuristic creative aesthetics could mess up something so simple.

“Lady Gaga, is tech savvy and can make ultra-sonic EDM noises and songs + construct entire albums and build interludes similar to the ones at the chromatic ball,” a third person wrote. So how is it possible that she does not know how to make a boomerang.”

However, Lady Gaga’s fans known as Little Monsters speculated that the alleged error was a deliberate meta act, with one defender arguing that the hyperaware celebrity wanted the clip to go viral for publicity’s sake.

“She obviously did this on purpose while advertising her side business to go viral and she did it,” they remarked of their “clever business queen,” while another called her “a genius.”

“I’m sure she’s certain people will share the tape furiously to take a dig at her, but in reality, in both the clips she’s marketing a product… and you’re giving her free visibility everywhere,” the admirer said.