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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Lana Del Ray Faces Criticism Following The Artwork From Her New Album

Lana Del Ray, the singing sensation, is being criticized for taking an initiative towards inclusivity. This incident took place on Sunday following a post shared by her over the social media platform, Instagram. The backlash she faces originates from the picture of the artwork of her album that is yet to be released.

Lana Del Ray shared a black-and-white picture that revealed a group of ladies, all in a very vintage outfit. All of them were seen sitting at a table that was covered with a tablecloth of check pattern. The singer also revealed the backside of her new album. it had a picture along with the list of her tracks.

Lana Del Ray On Inclusivity

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In the picture, was a bunch of women and the singer herself. Her photo was a faded one. one of the women, in the backside photo, can be seen with a face mask on her. The name of her album is “Chemtrails Over the Country Club”.

Lana Del Ray added a long note in the comment section as an addition to her caption. She gave an explanation about the picture on the cover of her album. she wrote that all the women depicted in the picture were her best friends. Lana also confirmed that some of them were women of color.

The singer particularly mentioned the names of some women from the picture and the place they belonged to as well. Like she wrote that her friend Valerie hailed from Del Rio that is situated in Mexico. Lana included the fact that her friend’s group consisted of people from different origins. She also wrote that they were an important part of her life.

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Lana Del Ray has been put under criticism before, in the month of May. This was because some had the feeling that she was not being inclusive when it came to her profession. The singer denied the allegations.

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