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Signal Users Surge All Over The World

The downloading of Signal and Telegram got boosted following the changes in the policies of the messaging app, WhatsApp which is owned by the social media giant, Facebook. People are rapidly switching over to the two alternatives due to their emphasis on the privacy of the users.

This comes from the release of an update in the privacy policies of the widely used WhatsApp. This came on the 4th of January. There have been cases where the app has shared some user data with the social media app, Facebook. However, this was not imposed. The users were given the option to not accept it. But things are changing from the 8th of February. the users will have to accept the new terms without which WhatsApp cannot be used

Signal Over WhatsApp

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According to the reports of the Sensor Tower, there was a bulk of installs that the Signal app witnessed between the 6th and 10th of the month of January. The total number of installs made by people around the world was 7.5 million. This was done by both android phones and I-phones.

The number of installs made is a record-breaking one as it is more than 43 times from that of the previous week. Signal has never witnessed such growth in the users in the history of the app. The privacy-induced messaging app is accompanied by one more app in this surge of its users. It is the Telegram. According to the reports of Apptopia, the total number of downloads of the app made, globally, from Sunday is 5.6 million.

Signal has given a statement with regard to its privacy policies and services. They claim that they have a unique encryption system that they term as “state-of-the-art-end-to-end-encryption”. According to them, this prevents the reading of private messages by those who are not the intended receivers.  No third party can decode the messages other than the recipient.

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