This Is Your Last Chance To Claim The Third Stimulus Check Payment

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If you haven’t yet received your third stimulus check payment, or you think you have received a partial amount, and you think you deserve a larger amount, the IRS will be giving you another opportunity- but you would have to hurry.

Back in January, the IRS had announced that all of the third stimulus payments had already been issued. But some taxpayers could still claim their payments for the tax return of 2021. The deadline, therefore, for one to file their taxes has been set at 18th April. More than 175 million third stimulus payments- coming to a total sum of $400 billion, were issued in March 2021 as a part of the American Rescue Plan Act. 

The Last Chance To Claim Stimulus Check Payment Is Here

To request any missing third stimulus payments on the tax return for 2021, one would have to claim the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit. This is the case if one has received a partial amount or didn’t previously qualify for the third stimulus payment. So, if one hypothetically lost their job in 2021, they would now be able to claim the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit Stimulus Check since the earnings have fallen under the threshold. Families that have added dependents could also be able to claim this credit. Along with that, a few lingering taxpayers who have filed for their taxes through ITINs might not have received the payments for their eligible dependents. 

To receive the stimulus check payment that they deserve, one would have to complete the Recovery Rebate Tax Credit worksheet- which would then have to be submitted along with the tax return 2021. If one uses a tax software program, it would guide one through the entire process. One also needs to keep in mind that the IRS has already predicted quite a slow and frustrating tax season this year- so one should ideally file as soon as possible.